Hi, I’m Quensha, author and recipe developer of Foodrecipesidea.com which features delicious, healthy, family-friendly recipes made with real food.

What originally began in 2008 as an idea to slim down some of my favorite recipes, Foodrecipesidea was born and has developed into a highly rewarding labor of love reaching over 10+ million unique visitors monthly.

At Foodrecipesidea.com, you’ll find healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice any of the flavor that can be found in their full-fat origins.  My creations must be both “skinny” and “tasty” because after all, this is the same food I cook on a daily basis for friends and family, and they are some of my toughest critics!

My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, clean, whole foods and maintain good portion control. When you cook your own meals, you know you can feel good about what is going into your body. Let me help you navigate your way around the kitchen and teach you how to prepare delicious, light, fresh meals your whole family will love (and they won’t even realize it’s good for them!)

Exercise + a well balanced diet + good sleep = a happy life.

I’m also a huge advocate of Weight Watchers because of their “everything in moderation” approach.

When I have nutrition and weight loss questions, I turn to Heather K. Jones and have teamed up with her to help answer nutritional questions. All my recipes here on Foodrecipesidea include nutritional info as well as Weight Watchers Points.